• Remember that the school is your natural partner for securing better education and healthy all-round development of your child. Always attend parent-teacher meetings.
  • Give child your time and attention regularly. No amount of pocket money can compensate for them. Remember that a child who is neglected may adopt destructive behavior in order to get your attention. Try to be home to welcome back your child from school.
  • Each child is unique. Avoid negative comparisons. Understand your child’s limitations and do not overload him/her with your excessive expectations.
  • Encourage your child to be outspoken with classmates. Remember that in the case of love and knowledge, unlike material wealth, the more you give, the more you have.
  • Around the time of examination, ensure that your child has enough hours to sleep, has nourishing food and relaxes between study sessions for leisure activities and games. Do not keep high expectations as that may put your child under undue pressure.
  • Regulate the time your child uses for watching television or exploring the internet. Monitor the programs and websites that he/she views. Similarly, monitor the time spent on video games/Internet. Do not allow children below 10 years of age to use mobile phones at homes and regulate their use by older children.
  • See that your child does his/her homework regularly. In your eagerness see him or her well, resist taking over the tasks yourself. If you engage a tutor, do not permit the child to manipulate, this for getting the homework done. The child must progressively learn to be independent and self-reliant.
  • Physical exercises and games are essential for child’s overall development. Restrict television, computer games or storybooks to get in the way of a dedicated time for physical exercise.