Involving a child equally in her journey of learning also means that the child becomes aware of her progress from time to time. The responsibility of observing patterns in learning, marking milestones and realizing areas for help, if shared by teachers and children, lays a strong foundation for continuous learning and facilitative teaching. Assessments at LIFE SCHOOL have a strategically designed framework, which allows the transfer of accountability from teachers to children. Along with this, we have also shifted from assessing a child’s capacity to memorize and reproduce, to marking her growth towards higher order thinking skills through a series of formative and summative models throughout the year. We emphasize hugely on self-assessment and peer reviews, the practice of which facilitates the development of a few cognitive skills further. And we make this learning visible through student-led meetings with parents, with individual portfolios compiling their works from all subjects.

Assessments at LIFE SCHOOL: 

  1. Checkpoint 1
  2. Checkpoint 2
  3. Final Checkpoint
  4. Self-led Project


LIFE SCHOOL  follows Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education Curriculum for Grade IXX, IX and  X

That examination comprises of:

S.No Examination Name Tentative Date
1 Unit 1st December
2 Unit IInd March
3 Term 1st June
4 Unit IIIrd August
5 T2 /Final Examination  October



Grade VIII  – follows the State Institute of Education Examination scheduled and conducted only for Term II.

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