Kids get to enter to a new world of learning, where they come to know a little bit of a world other than their own mother’s lap. It is essential for every stakeholder to provide cheerful, attractive and playful welcome cum world to kids . Kids shouldn’t be burdened with any formal assignments, But should be encouraged to learn without making them know that they are being prepared for the formal educational world.

Keywords for this department: Love, Home, Playing, Learning, Care, Interest, Knowledge, Introduction 


Children, in the early years of their lives, are eager to discover and to make meaning of the world. It is important, hence in this time, for them to make maximum use of their senses to explore the multiplicity around them. Besides, they are in their most receptive and competent state, where learning can be quick and multidimensional. This understanding makes the foundation for the design of learning in the Lower Primary Department. As children grow through Lower Primary they begin to develop a lens of their own to filter information with.

Keywords for this department: Discovery, Sensory experience, fun, new, multiplicity, hands and hearts 


 This informs the design of learning for our primary school children. Children at this age begin forming opinions, filtering options, making connections, analyzing situations, drawing conclusions and making sense of complex problems in the world. At Dolphin, we take it upon us to acknowledge and encourage this in and beyond classrooms. Teachers devise strategies to facilitate children to move from being passive takers to active makers of knowledge.


Children by this time, grow up to be mature learners, equipped with an identified sense of purpose and perspective. During the Secondary school years at LIFE School, teachers focus on facilitating their movement towards meta-cognition (understanding of learning process). Rigour and application of acquired competencies to solve complex problems, which impact them and the surroundings, become key elements of this journey.